Worlds Longest Wedding Dress is 1.85 Mile…Amazing ??

You will be amazed to know that the worlds longest wedding dress train is 1.85 Mile long. The romanian model named Emma wore a wedding gown with the longest trail in the world and walked through the streets. This wedding gown has been designated as Worlds longest by the very prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.  The previous record for the longest wedding dress train, held by a Dutch designer, and it was approximately 1.5 miles.

worlds longest wedding gown

Material required in making this wedding dress and train: 5.5 metres of Chantilly lace, 4,700 metres of taffeta, 1,857 sewing needles, 45 to 50 metres of lining and 150 spool threads.And it took 100 days to create this worlds longest gown.

The lace was imported from France, while the taffeta and other fabrics were purchased from Italy, costing approximately £5,000, she added.


worlds longest wedding gown - emma wearing it


worlds longest wedding gown


worlds longest wedding gown wearing in baloon

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