Pius Heinz – World Series of Poker 2011 Winner

Pius Heinz – World Series of Poker 2011 Winner:



First place in the world championship of poker won the German Pius Heinz.The gain amounted to
$8,715,638. Second place went to Martin Stazhkov – a player from the Czech Republic from.Award for second place was – 5,430,928 dollars.

He defeated Czech player Martin Staszko to win the event. On the final hand, Heinz’s A? K? defeated Staszko’s 10? 7?, which did not improve on a board of 5? 2? 9? J? 4?.

Heinz started playing poker after watching the Main Event and High Stakes Poker on German TV.[5] After playing a few games with his friends, he decided that poker was a game of skill and immersed himself in studying the subject. His efforts paid off as he won over $700,000 online.

Heinz won a Full Tilt Poker Sunday Mulligan in 2010 and a PokerStars $150K tournament in 2011.

Having developed his style online, he discovered that he “did not have a lot of experience playing live … The live game is pretty boring and you need a lot of patience.”[5] He cashed once during his first 15 WSOP events, finishing in 7th place in the $1,500 No Limit Hold ‘em event winning $83,286. That was his first ever live tournament cash.[citation needed] Because of the size of the field, the first day of the WSOP Main Event is split over a four-day period. Heinz registered for day 1-A so that he “could get out of there and go home as soon as possible” if he was eliminated.[5] During the final table, his mother, who was watching the event, had left Penn & Teller Theater because she found the tournament too stressful.



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