Interesting Facts About Tattoos !!

Interesting Facts About Tattoos :


1. A restaurant in Ohio that specializes in burgers offers a lifetime 25% discount for people who have a tattoo of a cheeseburger on their body.

2. Women love to get tattooed more than men.

3. Scientifically, getting a tattoo is a medical procedure.

4. Once, thomas edition invented a machine, that finally turned out to be used as a tattoo machine after being modified by samuel o’reilly in 1891.

5. In 2005, a lady named Kimberly Smith was paid $10k to get a tattoo by the name “” on her forehead. This amount helped her pay her daughter’s education fees.

6. Thomas edison had 5 dots that looked like the dots on a dice. The dots were on his left forearm.

7. People in many traditions get their children tattoed to protect them from evil spirits and energies.

8. At NYC’s, anil gupta is considered the most expensive tattoo artist who charges more than $300 per hour.

9. Tattooing has been used as a way of smuggling secret messages across enemy lines in times of war.

10. The oldest tattooed body known is a Bronze Age man over 5,000 years old, discovered in a glacier in the mountains near Austria.

11. In 13th century China, tattooing was used to brand criminals.

12. The most common body area for tattooing is the upper or lower arm.



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