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Medical / Human Body

Amazing Facts About Human Body

Amazing Facts About Human Body: The Skeletal System – The largest bone is the pelvis, or hip bone. In fact it is made of six bones joined firmly together. – The longest bone is the ‘femur’, in the thigh. It makes up almost one quarter of the body’s total height. – The smallest bone is [...]

Geography and Space

Strange Facts About Space Weather !!

1. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections can cause a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field (magnetosphere), called a geomagnetic storm. 2. Solar flares can sometimes heat the solar atmosphere to temperatures of 50 million C – far hotter that the sun’s core! 3. The fastest coronal mass ejection was recorded on 4th August 1972 [...]


Interesting Facts About Tattoos !!

Interesting Facts About Tattoos : 1. A restaurant in Ohio that specializes in burgers offers a lifetime 25% discount for people who have a tattoo of a cheeseburger on their body. 2. Women love to get tattooed more than men. 3. Scientifically, getting a tattoo is a medical procedure. 4. Once, thomas edition invented a machine, [...]

Medical / Human Body

Cool Yoga Facts..

1.A 2008 market study in Yoga Journal reports that some 16 million Americans practice yoga and spend $5.7 billion a year on gear. 2.The yoga symbol “Om” is found in Hindu and Tibetan philosophy. It is said to be the primordial sound of the universe and is connected to the Ajna Chakra (the conscience) or [...]


Be Careful While Choosing Domain Names !!

Check out these website / domain names…:)


Venetian Macao – Worlds Largest Casino/Hotel

Venetian Macao – Worlds Largest Casino / Hotel: Macau, a small territory on the southern coast of China, is the oldest European colony in the country, dating back to the 16th century. Under Portuguese reign up until 1999, today the region is part of the People’s Republic of China. When a 40-year gambling monopoly came [...]


People who died performing…!!

Karl Wallenda (January 21, 1905 – March 22, 1978): Founder of The Flying Wallenda, Karl was worldwide popular for performing daredevil circus acts, without using safety elements. In 1978, Karl was walking on a wire, connected with two towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico and which was 121 ft. above from the [...]

Medical / Human Body

Weird Medical Anomalies – Frog Like Baby

Weird Medical Anomalies.A frog like baby was born in Nepal 3 years ago but dies immediately after two days after birth..Check it out !!


Funny Video Trick !!

Amazing Video Trick…!! Please comment if you think you know how would this fantastic trick have been done !….Stay Amazed at ThatsReallyAmazing.Com :)


Amazing Body Art – Check out !

Amazing Body Painting Art…Can you spot the person in the pic ??…I bet, You cant ;) ….try it


Tiny Horse…Amazing !!!

In the southern state of Victoria, Australia, check out the amazing pictures of 15 inch miniature horse (not yet named )…stay Amazed :)


Hairless Chimp…Weird Animals!!

Ashes, The Hairless Chimp :  Ashes is a 13 year old chimpanzee that has literally no hair on its body. When he was born, Ashes had a beautiful fur, but by the time he turned one, he was completely bald. Looking at his arms you can understand why a chimp could easily rip a human’s [...]


Facebook Facts

Facebook Facts: Facebook was originally named TheFaceBook and it was developed by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. The first use of the FaceBook was on the Harvard campus and it was limited only to Harvard students. Soon the FaceBook spread like wild fire around the other major U.S. Universities. Mark Zuckerberg dropped the Harvard and pursued [...]


Millennium Prize Problems – Mathematics at Its Best !!

7 Millennium Prize Problems: The Millennium Prize Problems are seven problems in mathematics that were stated by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. As of September 2011, six of the problems remain unsolved. A correct solution to any of the problems results in a US$1,000,000 prize (sometimes called a Millennium Prize) being awarded by the [...]


Sleep Position May Reveal Your Personality

Sleep positions can tell a lot about your personality..don’t believe ??…Check out this post !!